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Transformative Learning Experiences

Cline SymposiumThe Cline Center is committed to providing transformative learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students who want to engage with the center’s mission as participants in its research and public engagement activities. The Cline Center serves the campus community by organizing a number of public symposia to address important challenges to societal well-being or to disseminate the results of the center’s research initiatives. These include the annual David Linowes lecture and the annual Cline Symposium. The Linowes lecture explores important research problems of interest to graduate students, faculty members, government officials, and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The Cline Symposium brings undergraduate students, faculty, alumni, and a distinguished keynote speaker together to explore important issues of current public concern over a two-day period.


In addition to these public events, the Cline Center regularly involves undergraduate students in the center’s research team as employees and interns. The Cline Center supports the Civic Leadership Program in the Department of Political Science, and has also offered research practicum courses for select groups of undergraduate students to participate in year-long research projects.

For graduate students, the Cline Center offers the Schroeder Summer Fellowship program to enhance the quality of rigorous research on topics that fall within the center’s on-going research programs and to aid students in generating original and publishable research at an early stage in their graduate career. The Center has also worked closely with graduate students doing master’s work in the campus’s Civic Leadership Program. These Civic Leadership Fellows have been active contributors to the center’s public symposia, and many have worked for the center as research assistants during their graduate studies.