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Data Science Resources at Illinois

There are a number of data science resources at the University of Illinois that support research in the social sciences and digital humanities. Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of some of these resources that should be especially helpful for extreme-scale social science and digital humanities research.





Beckman Institute Logo






Beckman Institute




Blue Waters Sustained Petascale Computing Logo


Brown Dog - NCSA Logo




NCSA Brown Dog




Center for Informatics Reseach in Science and Scholarship - Logo




University of Illinois Logo




Center for IT and e-Business Management




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Coordinated Science Lab






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CyberGIS Center



eDream Logo




HathiTrust Logo





Illinois Cloud Computing Testbed




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Information Trust Institute




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University of Illinois Logo





Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis Center









National Center for

Supercomputer Applications (NCSA)



Parallel Computing Institute




Parallel Computing Institute




Research Park Logo





Technology Entrpreneur Center Logo




Text Information Managment and Analysis Group Logo




University of Illinois Logo



Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment - Logo



Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Enivronment (XSEDE)