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Coup D'état Project Data

Coup D'etat

Coup d'état by David Yttervik Seetiangtham / CC BY

The Cline Center initiated the Coup D'état Project (CDP) in 2013. The CDP’s objective is to compile, for 165 countries in the post WWII era, a more comprehensive listing, documentation, and

categorization of coups for use by researchers. The CDP is a two-stage project. The first stage involves compiling and documenting existing information on coups from various sources. The second stage involves the use of basic data science techniques to identify information on coups from a digitized news archive created by the Cline Center as part of its Social, Political and Economic Event Database (SPEED) project. SPEED is a “Big Data” project and its news archive is a global information base that includes a diverse set of news sources for every country in the world; it includes tens of millions of articles and is updated daily. Please use the links below to access data that has been produced through the first stage of this two-stage project.



Visual Example

Google Earth File: 1945-2005 Sample Set - (Requires Google Earth (free download). / Instructions for Viewing)

This Google Earth KML file contains a visualization of Coup D'état data categorized by the Cline Center. There are three types of coup events shown in this file: attempted coups, coup conspiracies, and successful coups. For more information please visit the Coup D'état Project's webpage.

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