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2016 Cline Symposium

Money in American Politics

Keynote Speaker: Sheila Krumholz, Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics,

(November 11-12, 2016)



Sheila Krumholz


Sheila Krumholz - joined Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) in 1989 serving as assistant editor of the very first edition of Open Secrets. Today she is the Center's Executive Director and a preeminent expert on money in American politics and efforts to conceal it. CRP's website - - has been described by Dan Rather as "the authority in the increasingly murky world of campaign finances," a trusted source of data for experts, political campaigns and the media. In 2010, Fast Company named Sheila to its "Most Influential Women in Technology" list.


Round Table Discussion and Public Forum: "What Does Money Buy in American Politics, and What Does it Cost Us?"

  • Discussion Leaders:
    • Professor Scott Althaus (Moderator) - Director, Cline Center for Advanced Social Research
    • Sheila Krumholz - Executive Director, Center for Responsive Politics,
    • Dr. Sarah Bryner - Research Director, Center for Responsive Politics
    • Ms. Anne Hathaway - President, Hathaway Strategies, LLC
    • Professor Vikram Amar - Dean, Illinois College of Law
    • Professor Chris Mooney - Director, Univesity of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA)
  • Date | Time: November 11, 2016 |  3:00-4:30 PM
  • Location: Illini Union Ballroom


Keynote Address: "Money in American Politics: Open Secrets, Closed Doors and the Fight for Transparency"

  • Keynote Speaker: Prof. Sheila Krumholz
  • Date | Time: November 11, 2016 |  7:30-9:00 PM
  • Location: Alice Campbell Alumni Center Ballroom

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