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Affiliated Research

Cline Center staff and affiliates also engage in a number of external related projects revolving around the central themes of democracy and the data sources and techniques supporting that research. Over time this page will list those projects as they progress.


David F. Linowes Faculty Fellowship Program

The David F. Linowes Faculty Fellows Program is a program made possible by a generous gift from the Linowes family. It appoints as many as two faculty members as Linowes Fellows. Any tenure-track faculty member at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who does not already hold an endowed appointment is eligible to be considered for the Linowes Fellows program. Awards will be based on the merits of a short proposal and its potential contributions to the mission of the Cline Center. Faculty who are named as Linowes Fellows are expected to play a leadership role in conceiving and organizing the David F. Linowes Lecture on Public Policy, which is an important component of the Linowes endowment.


Schroeder Summer Graduate Fellowship Program

The Schroeder Summer Graduate Fellowship Program is a program made possible from a generous gift from William A. and Paul W. Schroeder. The aim of the Schroeder fellowship program is to enhance the quality of rigorous research on topics that fall within on-going research programs at the Cline Center and to aid students in generating original and publishable research at an early stage in their graduate career. To achieve this objective the Schroeder fellowship will provide a $3,500 stipend during the summer covered by the award, office space at the Cline Center, computer support, and access to the Center’s data archives and staff.


Airbrushing History: American Style

Airbrushing History: American Style traced changing White House press releases chronicling the "Coalition of the Willing." Covered in the New York Times, the study found that of the five official press releases listing the Coalition released by the White House, two had been removed, and three had been altered over time to backdate the list.


Unified Democracy Scores

Using a Bayesian latent variable approach, the Unified Democracy Scores (UDS) are a new measure of democracy created from ten extant scales. The measure eschews the difficult - and often arbitrary - decision to use one existing democracy scale over another in favor of a cumulative approach that allows us to simultaneously leverage the measurement efforts of numerous scholars. The result of this cumulative approach is a measure of democracy that, for every country-year, is at least as reliable as the most reliable component measure and is accompanied by quantitative estimates of uncertainty in the level of democracy.