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Cline Center Event Data

Riot Police assault on the Opera House

Riot Police assault on the Opera House

by looking4poetry / CC BY


Several research initiatives at the Cline Center focus on conflict processes and civil unrest events.

We have dedicated substantial effort to developing methods for extracting events from the content in our Global News Archive.

  • The Social, Political, Economic Event Database (SPEED) Project uses algorithms to identify relevant documents and highly-trained human analysts to extract highly-detailed event data from those documents. SPEED’s meticulously structured and tested protocols include dozens of event types, including repressive acts by governments, politically motivated attacks by both states and non-state actors, and a variety of both verbal and physical forms of protest. You can download the data here and read the article introducing the data here.

  • Our Phoenix Historical Event Data project uses unsupervised machine processes to extract conflict, cooperation and communicative events from news text. You can download the data and documentation here.

  • The Coup D’état Project documents all attempts to unlawfully overthrow national governments around the world. You can find the data and documentation here.

Our Faculty Fellows, Nerad Student Researchers and Data Science Interns have all contributed to these efforts, along with our collaborators at the Open Event Data Alliance (OEDA), Illinois Informatics Institute (I3) and National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).