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Coup D'état Project (CDP)

Coup d'états are important events in the life of a country. They constitute an important subset of irregular transfers of political power that can have important and enduring consequences for a country's well-being. Despite this, social scientists have yet to compile a comprehensive and well-documented inventory of coups that


Coup by Pittaya Sroilong/ CC BY

is global in scope. This, of course, has adversely affected research in a number of fields. Thus, the Cline Center, as part of its Societal Infrastructures and Development (SID) project, initiated the Coup D'état Project (CDP). CDP’s objective is to compile, for 165 countries in the post WWII era, a more comprehensive listing, documentation, and categorization of coups for use by researchers. The CDP is a two-stage project. The first stage involves compiling and documenting existing information on coups from various sources. The second stage involves the use of basic data science techniques to identify information on coups from a digitized news archive created by the Cline Center as part of its Social, Political and Economic Event Database (SPEED) project. SPEED is a “Big Data” project and its news archive is a global information base that includes a diverse set of news sources for every country in the world; it includes tens of millions of articles and is updated daily.


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